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September 19, 2016

Gullette Endorsed by KY Right to Life and
the Commonwealth Policy Center

Nicholasville attorney Robert Gullette III has been endorsed by two organizations this week for the state-representative seat in the 39th District. 

Kentucky Right to Life, the most influential, Pro-Life organization which is primarily responsible for advocating for right to life legislation has endorsed Robert due to his 100% Pro-Life stance.  KY Right to life also reviewed the voting record of his opponent, Russ Meyer.  It was clear after a review of his voting history that Mr. Meyer has not always voted in favor of pro-life legislation and that he has refused to defund Planned Parenthood.  His voting record directly contradicts his claimed stance on right to life issues.  Read more about KYRTL endorsement here:

Likewise, the Commonwealth Policy Center reviewed the voting record of Russ Meyer and made similar findings.  Again, it was clear that Russ Meyer's failure to vote to protect innocent life, and his controversial votes which created $3.3 Billion more pension debt and helped to provide funding to Planned Parenthood proved unequivocally that he is not a fiscally responsible, conservative legislator. Read more about the CPC endorsement here:

Rob, on the other hand is 100% Pro-Life and supports fiscally responsible government.  It is for those reasons that he received these noteworthy endorsements.  Below is the candidate comparison voting guide published by the Commonwealth Policy Center.


Rob Gullette is married to the former Erin M. Morin.  Erin is employed as a surgical technologist assisting in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery at St. Joseph's hospital.  Erin Morin Gullette is the mother of Rob's three children, Madison, Eleanor and Stella.  The Gullette's live in Nicholasville where they attend church at Jessamine Christian Church and Madison attends school at East Jessamine Middle School.

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